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Playanetics is the path to ultimate understanding.

Through application of its simple protocols, you can eradicate the source of negative emotions, feelings and reactions in your life.

Depression, stress and anxiety are all addressed by Playanetics.

Playanetics can eliminate the cause of psychosomatic illness (illness that has no direct physical cause).

Playanetics can raise your IQ.

Playanetics can restore happiness to your life.

Playanetics technique is simple and can be understood and applied by almost anyone.

Since that fateful day in June 21, 1986, Playanetics has touched thousands of souls. Its techniques are expected to be mastered by millions. And the pilgrims multiply year after year.

Playanetics was loosed by renowned American philosopher L. Ron Harvey after decades of research into the mind.

Playanetics isn't about drugs. It's not an involuntary mass hypnosis. It is not a "hippie love" thing or a "neo- techno" fad. It is a means of connecting shockra energies into a powerful tool through the use of pyrandropy.

Years after its origins, successes from people applying its simple designs continue to flood in. Playanetics took the world by storm in 1990 and is today every bit as effective as it was over 10 years ago.

What is Playanetics? Playanetics is a means for the every day individual to escape the commodification of culture. Mr. Harvey found that the pyrandropic experience unlocked a part of the mind that the normal individual is not even aware of. The unleashing of this power he called "radical self-expression". These experiences help the individual realize that their every-day environment contains perceptions which are linked to consuming products. When activated, the individual can feel joy, triumph, exhillaration, or any of a million other emotions.

The reasons why one is depressed or anxious, why the husband beats the wife, why people don't get along, why the worker feels tired and a thousand million other reasons why life can be hell are all results of the commodification process.

Playanetics contains precise yet simple techniques that allow a person to totally and permanently escape this horrible trap and, as a result, live a happy, healthy and productive life.

To get started with Playanetics, get a ticket and read it. It will give you the message you need to set you free.

You have little to lose and an amazing new world -- the world of the real-- to gain.

As Mr. Harvey says:

"…The difference between giving gifts and the world of commodity transactions is really rather striking. The great thing about dealing with commodities is you don't have to be connected to anybody….. As a contrast with that, when you give a gift or receive a gift from someone, it creates an immediate moral bond with them, this feeling of human connection. In some sense, their life energy enters into you, and that, of course, is where community begins."

Get on board with Playanetics today!. And you won't ever be the same again!


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